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Burger Island 2: The Missing Ingredients

Business was booming at Beach Burger hut until rival Edie Cole Iverson stole away the clientele. But clients aren`t the only thing missing, the Tiki Chief has disappeared along with all his recipes. Now it`s up to Patty and her lightning-fast burger grilling skills To unlock the true secrets of the best Tiki sauce on the island. Make the fastest burgers this side of the ocean in this hilarious dash to recapture the sacred grilling techniques of the Tiki!
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1 Elshen  
Hi! Raijean, your baby boy (child) is definitely a cutie and your story is aziamng. I've had friends with congestive heart failure before, but none of them were as young as you. All the Neon Tiki Tribe photos are cool and your review of our project is awesome. I have to tell you something funny too, that I noticed in the photos. Part of the Peoples Court televison show is in the background! It's one of my favorite television shows and I record it any day that I'm out of town (Like the Blog Her event where I met you). In any case, keep up the great work. You are an inspiration! Take CareJ. Greg Devlin

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