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Solve tricky puzzles in Blockage! Move the correct pieces into their spot to make it to the next level!
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1 Mostafa  
e, please bear with me, this will lead back to the Lakers.Remember reenct interviews with Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom, with Trevor Ariza and Luke Walton? Pau wants the ball, in fact, he calls out his team mates for not giving it to him more often because we have to go with what works . Trevor Ariza and Luke Walton talks about spacing the floor and making 3-point shots, to give us multiple scoring options, because we want to punish our opponents for doubling or tripling Kobe. Lamar Odom says in pretty much every interview that he knows he has to show up ready to play and play hard, that he knows the team needs him to do his part.So when Mo Williams talks about Lebron, he sounds like a fan in awe of the amazing talent of a generation. When various Laker players talk about Kobe, their answers are centered on team work, how to contribute along side Kobe, and what the team as a whole needs to do. In other words, they don't sound like devoted fans at all, but a lot more like team mates, working together to defeat a common enemy.Here it finally is, my question: Assuming the Cavs win their series, how will this difference in mentality and mindset from the role players and second and third bananas on the respective teams affect them going into the Finals? Or am I just reading way too much into one single interview and it won't matter in the end? What do you think?Like I said, that interview was fascinating to watch, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

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