NOTE: This site is made only for the happiness of all the
Lakers Fans around the world. All pictures and data that
you have read and seen here is owned by

I'm a Lakers fanatic and created this website when the
NBA Season 2010-2011 starts in October 26 2010.
And since the Lakers are Back to Back Champions in
Season 2008-2009 & Season 2009-2010 and Hopefully
this Season 2010-2011, The Lakers will Repeat
History Itself. "If the Lakers can not,
then i considered that this site is nonsense."

But while I hear the sound and see the entirety of this
website, I also remembered the time, when the Lakers
beat the Boston Celtics in 2010 and Orlando Magic
in 2009. I am very happy, like i'm floating in the sky,
I can not explain the happiness I felt at that time.

    "Please forgive me if I'm getting violated
        the terms of service of anyone."

I am very proud that I was one of hundreds of millions of
fans of the Los Angeles Lakers Team.